Dock Street Group

First we listen.
Then we come up with ideas.


Dock Street Group is a full-service PR and marketing communications agency, specialising in travel, design and FMCG industries.

We are a results-focused no-nonsense consultancy combining youth and experience to achieve targeted and cost-effective communication solutions to help our clients build their profile and reach those who matter most. With a focus on brand building communications, our knowledge of the media and established relationships ensures that we have an enviable success rate of editorial placement for our clients.

We know what works. Mixing a creative spark with serious business acumen - from corporate communications, crisis management and corporate social responsibility to imaginative installations and colourful content - we have the credentials and expertise to develop dynamic and integrated communication campaigns.

Situated in downtown Auckland, we work in collaboration with four senior consultants who specialise in IT and communications. We also contract a regular team of specialist designers, photographers, website developers, writers and affiliated advertising and marketing agencies if and when required to meet our clients' needs.


Understanding what is important to you and your business is essential for our business. And so is delivering results that exceed expectations. At Dock Street Group, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and cost-effective communications solutions that get our clients noticed by those who matter most.

PR is a balancing act. We continuously coordinate multiple relationships for clients – and engage in separate conversations with stakeholders, industry and the wider public. We manage this by clever targeting strategies; knowing who we want to speak to, where we will find them, and what we want to tell them.

We like long term clients, so that we can get to know all facets of your business. We are hands-on and, unlike large consultancies, you will always work with the same dedicated team. We also understand what “working to budget” means and we focus our efforts on delivering innovative and exceptional solutions that work for you and your company. And that is not pushing generic media releases, but thinking up creative, extraordinary and original ideas to get your company noticed and talked about.


Communications strategy

We provide dynamic, adaptive and proactive public relations strategy to build, develop and enhance brand reputations and connect with target audiences. Our areas of expertise span from corporate social responsibility programmes and sponsorships, inventive installations and product launches, creating engaging content for digital platforms, developing crisis communications plans, and, of course, crafting finely-tuned pitches and developing strong relationships with media.

Media relations

Media relations is the bread and butter of our practice – it’s what we do best. We have long standing relationships with the media and we painstakingly pitch unique angles to different outlets – this personalised approach yields far greater impact than firing out one-sized-fits-all media releases, resulting in an enviable success rate in securing editorial coverage for our clients.

Copywriting and editing

We are in the business of words. From media releases and briefings, to speeches, long-form op-eds, research and investigative articles, to writing snappy content for online and social media – we are experienced, meticulous and imaginative in developing written content to engage your audiences across a wide variety of subject matter.

Digital communication

An online presence, through websites and social media, enables you to reach audiences, share news and create a sense of community for a brand. And used strategically, it can accomplish business goals as well as stimulate debate and discussion. Our approach involves considering how we can align website and social media tools with central media strategy – the type of content we could share, which audiences we want to reach and where they are active. From there, we develop content and write copy to engage, inspire and to enhance your brand reputation.

Media training

Pauline Ray, as a seasoned ex-journalist, has experience in conducting media training with clients. Ideally, we aim to build spokespeople to the point where they are ready and able to speak on the fly. However, we always provide support for scheduled media interviews – compiling talking points and FAQs, and coaching.

Issues management

We take issues management seriously. With several major international travel industry clients, we routinely train for crisis scenarios, and have regularly updated response plans. As part of our initial analysis, we will evaluate potential threats to your business and industry – be it financial, physical, reputational or otherwise. We then formulate a process for releasing information, and a streamlined approvals chain with clearly identified roles.

Sponsorship and community relations

Sponsorship and community initiatives are essential for building socially responsible brands. And leveraged strategically, they can bring many benefits to your company, both intangible and commercial. Dock Street Group is experienced in developing partnerships that align with brand objectives, foster goodwill and internal morale, as well as positively contributing to causes, non-profit organisations and local community projects.

Event management

We devise creative, unique and attention-grabbing events and experiential installations – ranging from product launches, media famils, to awards ceremonies, workshops and conferences.