Launching the A350

Cathay Pacific was the first airline to deploy the state of the art A350 XWB aircraft on a route from New Zealand, and Dock Street Group was tasked with publicising the shiny new plane.

Through our long term airline and airport contacts, we were able to host a media launch event  beyond aviation security at Auckland International Airport. Media were able to venture out on the tarmac, with security assistance, to capture the all-important image of the plane touching down for the first time. There were three camera operators and even a budding aviation photographer on the runway collection visuals to tell the story.

The launch event allowed us to host a press briefing for a group of about 20 media. Interviews were also set up for local and regional managers with English and Chinese speaking news outlets. The other advantage of being past security counters was that we were able to take a tour on board the aircraft so that media could get their selfies in the business class seats.

To extend the publicity beyond the corporate comms, Dock Street also set up video interviews with the captain inside the cockpit to tell the story about the new technology on the aircraft. We also asked the airline to plot the incoming flightpath so that we could alert media about the best spots to capture a flyover of the new aircraft which resulted in some dynamic video.

Dock Street invited then Transport Minister Simon Bridges to tour the new aircraft and to take part in photo opportunities.

The result was a buzz around the new aircraft with key messages, including its lower effective cabin pressure, on board WiFi, and state of the art HD entertainment system, being spread across a breadth of outlets, resulting in more than 7 million broadcast, print and online impressions.



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