Lumojo Honey launch

Lumojo approached Dock Street Group with the challenge to launch a new range of premium, local honey into the competitive New Zealand market.

After analysing the current market, media landscape and potential opportunities, Dock Street Group developed a strategy targeting both consumers and potential retailers to boost business in the brand’s infancy.

Initially reaching out exclusively to high-profile media, we targeted 20 outlets and hand delivered a set of three mini pottles, all designed by our clever and creative design client partners, Alt Group. Afterwards, we recontacted the initial media and began pitching tailored angles to them as well as to a wider range of media including consumer, lifestyle and design.

The Lumojo honey was well received by everyone we engaged, and the brand was covered nationally. Following the initial launch, the media coverage Dock Street Group generated began to take on a life of its own as media within New Zealand and as far away as the USA and Spain were eager to feature Lumojo.

The sweet result was Lumojo launching with a bang as Dock Street Group generated over three million media impressions internationally from bloggers, magazines, newspapers and online media outlets.



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