The right tools for the job

RTV Tools designs software for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry that saves weeks of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars on projects that use Building Information Modelling (BIM).


It is widely considered in the construction industry that with the growing scale of projects, efficiencies need to be made in order to design and build on human timescales. RTV’s software solves just that problem and has enabled projects such as the John Sverdup offshore platform, Perth Rail Link, Salt Lake City Airport, and Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct. 


Purchasing RTV’s software tools for $50 should be a no brainer decision for any AECO firm, but RTV was coming up against a very specific communication challenge.

The person in charge of buying software is quite often not the same person who will end up using it. It’s easy to convince the intended users of the software’s value but RTV needed a way to make it easy for non-technical management staff to understand.


The solution was a set of case studies about clients’ experience with the tools. Dock Street interviewed a selection of RTV’s global users who described in their own words the real life benefits of using the software. It put a human face and experience to the software, detailing the late nights avoided, the headaches cured, and the money saved.


These studies were put on the RTV website, social media, and published in targeted industry magazines including AUGI world, the Autodesk Conference publication, resulting in an increase in inquiries for RTV.


RTV Tools had a great story to tell about software that was enabling incredible things on megaprojects all around the world, and all that was needed was to tap into that to help get the word out.



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